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Fiberglas "Mototopo" A.G.A. 4 model – 11,60 m. with "hybrid engine"

It can navigate with the normal diesel engine or alternatively with the electric propulsion

Modello Ag.A 4 ibrido

This is a normal "mototopo" boat A.G.A. 4 model (length: 11,60 m - width: 2,38 m - tonnage: 9.000 kg) equipped with two engines:

Diesel engine: power: kw 125 (cv 170) at 2.500 rpm. - max speed: about 30 km/h

Electric engine: power: kw 8 (cv 10,88) - average speed: 9.5 km/h (average speed calculated going for and against the current).

This hybrid system can be applied to any boat shafting system, so the same boats already in use can be modified (without replacing the diesel engine) by adding the electric propulsion and maintaining the diesel engine. In this way they can navigate both in the canals where only rowing or electric propulsion are allowed, and in the rest of the canals and in the lagoon using the diesel engine, thus recharging automatically the batteries.

The electric engine can be powered with standard lead-gel batteries or, at a higher cost, with lithium batteries.

With lead-gel batteries: autonomy with the engine at max power and max absorption 1.40 hours. (if used at 2/3 of the power you get about 50% more capacity). The batteries are charging from the diesel engine during navigation, or from a standard power outlet when the boat is in the dock.


With lithium batteries: 80 % more autonomy, 50 % less weight, 50 % less time to recharge the batteries, 400 % more batteries life.

A prototype of mototopo A.G.A. 4 model - v.t.r. 11.60 outfitted with this hybrid system has been tested for some years and is available on our nautical yard for anyone who wants to try it.

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