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Ag.A 12 Model

Ag.A 12 Model Ag.A 12 Model

Ag.A. 12 is conceived for modern rescue in sea shorelines.
It is charecterized by low dimensions and draft, great speed, study hull and easy control also in bad sea condition, these qualities allow a fast and secure recovery of bathers in trouble.
The deck of Ag.A. 12 complitely satisfies the most modern technical requirements with advanced and innovative solutions as, for example, the slide bulwark to edge injured person and the auto-draining trap.
Ag.A. 12 is the ideal boat for small harbour, shorelines and tourist areas where the presence of rescue boats necessary.

Characteristics of the boat:

  • Type: Motoscafo
  • Model: Ag.A 12 made with glass-reinforced plastic

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Boat Plan


  • Length overall: 4.86 m
  • Length of floatation: 4.26 m
  • Width outside planking: 1.80 m
  • Height of boat: 0.77 m
  • Empty displacement: 0.31 t
  • Load displacement: 1.82 t
  • Tonnage: 1.25 tsl
  • Hull made with: glass-reinforced plastic and wood
  • Max capacity: 6-8 persons

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  • Motor type: water-jet propeller inboard engine
  • Maximum power of engine: kv. 38 (51 cv)
  • Maximun number of engine: n. 1
  • Maximum speed: about 30 knots

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