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"Sandolo S-ciopon"

Sandolo s-ciopon Sandolo schioppone

Characteristics of the boat:

  • Type: Typical Venice Lagoon boat.
  • Model: "Sandolo S-ciopon"

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Boat Plan


  • Length overall: 6.20 m
  • Width overall: 1.10 m
  • Height of boat: 0.33 m

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Building materials:

  • Sides: durmast-wood
  • Keelsons: larch-wood
  • Beams: durmast-wood or larch-wood
  • Sides planking: marine plywood
  • Bottom planking: marine plywood
  • Gunwales: mahogany-wood
  • Saxboards: mahogany-wood
  • Decks: marine plywood
  • Dunnages: marine plywood
  • Ironware: prow copper blade

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Hull making:

  • Frames 29 cm. apart
  • Inner edges between sides and bottom
  • Prow socle made with solid mahogany-wood

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Gluing-riveting and other fixing:

  • Marine paste gluing
  • Galvanized rivets and stainless steel screws of different sizes

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  • Bottom, outside sides and decks painted with polyurethane enamel or with varnish
  • Bilges and inner sides painted with synthetic-oil enamel

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